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    Your Promising Future

    Keif’s past and subsequent expansion into an already crowded restaurant market demonstrates its success and promising future, which could include you. Keif has an excellent position in the food and beverage industry with its appealing concept--a sophisticated setting with Lebanese accents, food which is the freshest and most flavorful available, choice of healthy and nutritious ingredients, and welcoming staff.

    •° Keif’s team of employees provides customers with a friendly atmosphere and impeccable service. In fact, Keif staff members undergo extensive staff training that gives them the know-how to provide first-rate service to all clients. As a result, Keif staffers strive to offer customized service to each client’s needs.

    •° In addition to a respectful team of employees, Keif ensures that every dining experience is a safe one. To guarantee this, Keif employs an extreme sanitation policy that is carried out by waiters and kitchen staff who are experts in cleanliness and hygiene and who are thoroughly trained.

    •° With high-quality food, service, and an inviting atmosphere, Keif has built a respected brand in the region that is positioned for exponential success. The future is bright for Keif and its potential franchisees. Keif is committed to continued success and will provide its franchisees with the resources and tools to operate their own successful Keif restaurants.

    Coming full circle
    Why is Keif a good Business Opportunity?

    With a supportive Keif team backing you up for every step of the way--whether pre-opening or post-opening--plus a striking concept and an appetizing array of menu options, we are confident that you will be positioned for success. Moreover, we know you will find that franchising with Keif will be a rewarding and profitable experience.

    •° There are countless reasons why Keif is a great franchise opportunity for you. First, we offer a mouth-watering menu. Whether a customer chooses the shisha or the escalope platter, they know they will be served high-quality items. By only using the finest ingredients like fresh vegetables and ingredients delivered fresh daily from the best local and international suppliers, Keif ensures clients will be coming back for more. Second, we include an array of diverse food options. With an extensive menu, there is something for everyone. From shrimp spring rolls to grilled kafta, Keif has developed a menu that serves all clients and tastes.

    •° Not only is the menu and food appealing, but the Keif concept has demonstrated success through its expansion in Antelias, Sin El Fil and Jbeil. Plus, the Keif restaurant offers circles of friends, colleagues, and family a unique place to go that delivers high-quality and diverse foods, a remarkable setting, and a top-notch service. And lastly, franchises are provided pre-opening and post-opening support that ensures their success.

    1. coming full circle

    •° Keif is fully committed to its franchisees and their success. As such, there is support before and after a Keif franchisee opens. Before your launch, Keif will help you locate the perfect spot for your Keif site. Also, Keif will supply you with site-specific information tailored to your franchise. To help you transition into your role as a franchise, Keif will welcome you to its team via a thorough orientation program in Beirut, Lebanon.

    running a keif franchise

    •° To make certain that all staff members have the resources and tools to operate a successful Keif, we will go to you and your franchise location to provide crucial on-site training. Furthermore, we will facilitate the implementation of the brand’s identity: menus, signage, and all other printable Keif items. Plus, we will guide you through your purchase of the necessary equipment.

    3. after launching

    •° Ensuring your continued success is important to us so we provide ongoing support to our franchisees. We provide you with a thorough manual that includes every detail about effectively running a Keif restaurant. Plus, we make sure you have continued support by allocating a field consultant who will provide constant evaluations and feedback. Furthermore, we will match you with someone from the Keif headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, who will be your personal contact for any concern you may have.

    4. a keif franchise

    •° We will include your Keif branch for all promotional activities performed and will tailor them to the specific needs of the franchisee. We value the brand loyalty we have created and will continue to perfect our concept, food, and service to ensure ongoing success. We are committed to providing you with opportunities to expand your knowledge through additional training workshops, plus newsletters and press releases.

    Join our Circle

    We look forward to discussing the Keif franchising opportunity with you and hope to welcome you to the Keif team soon after.